Simple BibInserter using Java — October 17, 2014

Simple BibInserter using Java

bib inserter
bib inserter

This is my homework in Software Design. We have to create program using Java language to insert bib id from one bib file that contain many id of bib item. This is useful when we want to write some papers or research. Let me to show you by video. I uses Robot.class and Jinteltype on this program. Continue reading

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Instal Kingsoft Office in Ubuntu 14.04 is Better

After I have trouble with my MS Office document when opened by Libre Office 4, then I get solution using King Soft Office.


Above is printscreen of my document in Libre Office.The numbering is error.This below is Kingsoft Office that all is well.


How to  install KingSoft Office 2014? Check this link

>> For 32bit

Start ADT Android SDK with Ubuntu — April 22, 2014

Start ADT Android SDK with Ubuntu

Start ADT Android  SDK with Ubuntu

Today, I try to develop my apps with ADT on Ubuntu 14.04
The problem is jdk is not installed, and the second I can not read file by extension RAR.

The solution is
1. Open terminal, unsure that connect internet and type some command below.

sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre

We need to install either the openjdk-7-jre or oracle-java7-jre package.

2. About RAR problem I get solution , we open the terminal, and type this command

apt-get install unrar

To extract the file RAR we just type

unrar x myrararchive.rar