uml1Use case should be complete by the description. Use case description will give many advantages for us ( developer and stakeholder). One of the benefit is we can understand what is the real content of the use case. In the other, we also can insure that all process are not missing.

Below there is a example structure to create description of use case. For example I use use case WithdrawalCash Money from the customer_bank actor. There are two part :

  1. Table of global information about use case
  2. Main Flow inside the use case

1. Table

Use Case Number A.1
Use Case Name Withdraw Cash
Author/Source Yusuf Mufti Muzammil
Date of Creation 13-10-2014
Precondition(s) System have verified the card by request by PIN number
Successful Post Condition System issued cash money in according to the user’s request by select an item from some options
Actors Customers
Priority High
Difficulty Medium
Version 1
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2. Main Flow

  1. The use case begins when the customer select the option to withdraw cash
  2. The system prompts the user to select the amount of cash money:
  • 5000
  • 2000
  • 1000
  • 100
  • 50
  • 10

The system also gives option to enter amount manually

  1. The user selects one of the predefined amount

A: user selects other amount

  1. The system displays a message contain option to print receipt
  1. The user confirms the message
  1. The system does issuing money and printing the receipt

A1: The balance amount less than demand

  1. The use case ends

Alternate Flow A1: The balance amount less than demand

  1. The system display a message stating the balance amount less than demand and option to main menu
  2. The user confirms the message and the control return to Main flow step 2

The conclusion, dont forget to create use case description in your UML, because this is very important. Not all process in our development can be described by image / diagram.